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How do I connect to the WiFi?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Our network's SSID (The WiFi's "name") is "Yukon-College-Wireless-". After connecting you'll need to log in to the network. Most devices will detect this and automatically bring up the login prompt. If this doesn't happen, open your favorite web browser such as Firefox or Chrome, then navigate to any non-encrypted website (such as ""). The system should automatically redirect you to the login page (shown below) , your user name and password will be the same as the pair you use to login to the workstation computers.

If you're getting an error message like the one below, you've tried to access an encrypted web site (such as Google or Facebook), and you're device will not accept a redirect to the login page while using encryption. The easiest solution here is to just try and access a non-encrypted page, such as "". In this case you could also click ADVANCED, then there will be an option to continue to the redirect.

Exactly how to do this varies a little based on what device and which browser you are using, If you have any issues feel free to stop by the help desk.

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