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How to change a phone tree greeting
Last Updated 3 years ago

The person attempting to modify a phone greeting for a phone tree must have been added as an administrator for the System Call Handler.

  1. Dial 444 to reach the Greetings Administrator.
  2. You will hear Cisco Unity Connection, greetings administrator. Enter your ID followed by pound (#). Your ID is your full YukonU phone number or extension (either 7 or 4 digits).
  3. You will then be prompted for your PIN. Enter the PIN associated with YOUR extension followed by #. If you need to reset your PIN, follow the instructions How to change my Voicemail PIN.
  4. Enter the extension of the System Call Handler and press #. If you need to change the messages on multiple call handlers, you can press star (*) to return to the menu which allows you to enter the Call Handler ID.
    • YukonU Main Number (6688800) - 12000
    • Connect2YukonU Main - 4566996
    • Helpdesk Main -  4568610
    • Office of the registrar main- 6688710
      • Admissions and Recruitment - 7001
      • Registrations and Records - 7002
    • Other call handlers may need to be populated here as they get created. If you do not know the phone tree extension number, contact IT.
  5. Follow the prompts to set one of the following greetings:
    1. turn on alternate greeting
    2. change standard greeting
    3. change busy greeting
    4. change closed greeting
    5. change internal greeting
    6. change the alternate greeting
    7. change holiday greeting
    8. * (Star) to exit

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