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Connecting to Eduroam - Android
Last Updated 2 years ago

  1. Before you can connect to Eduroam you will need to download theĀ  certificate installer from the Eduroam website. If you are not already connected to the internet, You can connect to Yukon-University or YukonU-Staff.
  2. After you have connected to the internet go to the play store and download the GetEduroam app.image
  3. Open the app after it finishes installing and search for Yukon University. Select YukonU from the list of institutions, and press next.image
  4. Enter your YukonU username and password and press "Connect to Network". image
  5. You will get the following screen and you are now connected to Eduroam. image

If you have any trouble connecting to the Eduroam network please contact the Helpdesk either by phone at 867-456-8610 or by opening a helpĀ  ticket at

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