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How to change my Voicemail PIN
Last Updated 3 years ago

Before you start

Remember that your voicemail may be accessed from anywhere and anyone can attempt to get in your voicemail. Your voicemail may contain confidential information that must be protected.

NEVER use ANY part of your phone number or sequential digits such as 1234 as a PIN. Any other easily guessed PIN should also be avoided. Your PIN should be at least 6 digits long.

From your desk phone or Jabber

  1. Dial 867-456-6999 to reach the voicemail portal
  2. Enter your PIN followed by pound (#)
  3. Press 4 (Setup Options)
  4. Press 3 (Personal Preferences)
  5. Press 1 (Change PIN)
  6. Press pound (#) to save.

To change your PIN from any other phone, you will need to access your voicemail as outlined in How to access the voicemail from anywhere.

From a computer

  1. Navivate to Cisco Personal Communications Assistant
  2. Login with your YukonU username (the part before and your password
  3. Click on Messaging Assistant
  4. In the menu, go to Passwords > Change PIN.
  5. Enter your new PIN
  6. Click Save

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