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Why should you change your password regularly
Last Updated a year ago

Your computer stores a lot of institution critical information some of which may be confidential. In addition, your Single Sign On (SSO) credentials provide access to a variety of tools which need to be protected. Keeping this data and all of your accounts safe is a priority.

One way to achieve data and access security is by changing your passwords on a regular basis.

Choosing a strong password

Your Yukon College password must
  • Contain between 8 and 16 characters
  • Contain both UPPER and lower case characters
  • Contain at least one special character (digits, symbols, punctuation, brackets)
  • Cannot be any of your previous 25 passwords
These requirements help ensure password are near impossible to guess or brute-force.

Has my password been compromised?

There has been multiple reported security breaches and for many of them, password have been leaked. These are easily accessible to people who would want to perform brute-force attacks and gain access to your account.

Cloudflare has created a tool to verify if one of your previous or current password is compromised (not safe anymore). You may access the tool at You might be surprised by the result.

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